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It should list both the main system and also porteus linux. Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast linux operating system with a modular approach and outstanding design. Designed to run as a live usbcd is the primary reason people pick puppy linux over the competition. This video help to know about how to use portable operating system slax linux your pocket os. Plug it directly to your computers usb slot, it works as a standard usb flash drive. It uses the unification file system or unionfs allowing a read only filesystem to behave as a writable filesystem which allows the user to save system wide changes without a secondary persistent partition. Porteus is known for featuring its own software center application that allows novices to install, updated and remove packages from the system, a unique dependencyresolving package manager, support for. To install porteus to a thumbdrive, you need a thumbdrive with an ext4 partition. Porteus is a complete linux operating system that is optimized to run from cd, usb flash drive, hard drive, or other bootable storage media. However, this article is about porteus, which i installed with my favorite desktop environment xfce. Get slax preinstalled on an usb flsh drive with numeric keypad, featuring fulldisk aes data encryption. Porteus is a distribution that was originally based on slax, and is now based on slackware linux since slax has gone without a release since 2009. Porteus is a full linux operating system optimized to be run from usb flash drives, cds, or any bootable storage media including hard drives. There was a bit of a learning curve before i got comfortable with porteus.

Porteus is a combination of portability and proteus, the god of the sea who could change his form. It will create a single folder slax on your device. Slax modules can also be used after conversion, as described in documentation. Proteus is a greek god of the sea, capable of changing his form at will, according to the naming. Slax version 7 was announced on the developers blog which has now been integrated into a newly refreshed slax website. Over at porteus, brokenman, fanthom and others found ways around uac you can check the official porteus installation guide section. The distribution started as a community remix of slax, another slackwarebased live cd, with kde 3 as the default desktop for the i486 edition and a strippeddown kde 4 as. It boots into a simple desktop using the fluxbox window manager which offers a small collection of applications, including the chromium web browser, a text editor and a calculator. Check the file details to make sure this is the correct program and version, and that your. Slax linux a modern, portable and fast linux operating.

Slax doesnt contain any package manager, new packages can be added to the system as preconfigured modules, downloaded from the project page. You can select a list to browse, search, and post messages below. Download porteus from your closest porteus mirror, choosing from mate, lxqt, lxde, openbox, xfce, cinnamon, or kde, depending upon your preference. Despite its small size, slax provides a wide collection of preinstalled software for daily use, including a well organized graphical. These steps refer to creating a live boot environment on usb to run v4 of burnintest linux, passmark also sell a prebuilt self booting usb drive that will launch burnintest linux and also contains a number of other testing software packages the following steps are based on porteus linux v4. The official means of installation is to burn porteus to disc, and then optionally install porteus onto a thumbdrive from within porteus. Code repository list slaxporteus enhanced project osdn.

Slax on usb device or hard disk in order to run slax from usb device or from hard drive, you should download slax as a zip archive. In essence, porteus is a portable slackware, the evolution of slax, but unlike a normal linux porteus remains in a compressed state on the disk portable. It could also be used to boot slax linux from a flash drive on an intel based apple mac, macbook, or macbook pro that uses efi instead of a bios. Porteus cinnamon is an open source linux operating system, a communitydriven remix of the slax distribution.

It is based on slackware linux and built around thecinnamon project. Install slax to a usb flash drive using windows pen. Slax is a livecd linux distribution based on debian before version 9. Slax linux is a linux distro that can be used for both educational and professional purposes. Code repository list of slaxporteus enhanced project git. Being a little under 300mb, it is among the smallest and yet fastest distros on our planet as, among other features, it boots into the lxde desktop in under 15 seconds. Its small under 300mb and insanely fast which allows you to start up and get online while most other operating systems are left spitting dust. Porteus kde is a freely distributable linux operating system based on the well known slackware linux distribution and built around the kde plasma workspaces and applications desktop environment porteus is a minimalistic and open source distribution of linux that tries to be a community remix of slax, an operating system based on slackware linux. Despite its small size, slax provides a wide collection of preinstalled software, including a well organized graphical user interface.

Instead, you should install a more typical distro like debian which slax is based on or ubuntu. Installing porteus to a usb flash drive in official guide and the section search for uac. The porteus project started out as slax remix at the beginning of 2010 and was started as a community project using the zen kernel to improve and update the slax os the community agreed on the new name of the project, porteus, which was named after portability and proteus. Slax is basically a stripped down version of slackware linux. It does have some great features like modules, copy to ram, creating custom modules and persistent file. Burnintest linux v4 creating a live boot environment. When was the last time you tested slax linux or have you ever tried it. For multiple porteus startup options, create more menuentry items and give each its own cheatcodes.

If you have no preference, the mate or kde desktop are both good at balancing image size with a familiarfeeling desktop experience. It takes some patience to do any kind of customization to it. Sure, there are other similar lists our there, but this one has uptodate info and weve personally tried and tested almost every distro on our old laptops. Slax was under development between 2002 and 2009 up to version 6. Get slax preinstalled on a tiny 16gb microsd card packed with a miniature usb reader. It is opensource, free, stable, customizable, memory friendly, mixable with regards to using custom packages and slax modules, and portable. Porteus is a portable linux operating system 250 mb can be installed on a portable usb device or hard drive. Porteus operating system wikimili, the free encyclopedia.

When downloaded, extract the zip archive directly to your disks root directory. With the feedback and requests we got from our best linux distros for gaming list, we had to do another list of the best lightweight linux distros. Access rights manager can enable it and security admins to quickly analyze user authorizations and access permissions to systems, data, and files, and help them protect their organizations from the. If you are running a 64bit computer system then you can download any edition. The following slax boot cd can be used to boot slax 6. If you are running a 32bit system then you are limited to the 32bit editions. Porteus is another great gnulinux os with 300mb of size and easy to install in flashdive. Own porteus site already gives you a selection of applications in xzm format in download section. Slax is a small live linux cd distribution created by tomas matejicek. Slax is a minimalist desktop live cd based on debians stable branch. Portable operating system slax linux how to use in pen.

Puppy linux, knoppix, and slax are probably your best bets out of the 11 options considered. Porteus is a fast, portable and modular live cdusb medium based on slackware linux. The official guide says that the recommended way to boot porteus is to burn it to a cd. With porteus in your pocket, youre good to go linuxinsider. Slax 7 supports both 64bit and 32bit architectures, and according to its download page, is available in more than 50 languages.

To run porteus, simply boot the computer and await the appearance of grub2s menu. Originally based on softlanding linux system, slackware has been the basis for many other linux distributions, most notably the first versions of suse linux distributions, and is the oldest distribution that is still maintained. It is, more or less, the new slax, now that slax has switched to debian. Slackware is a linux distribution created by patrick volkerding in 1993.

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