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Lesson plan that describes how you can use these resource to teach about the columbian exchange. Students look at a map and categorize new and old world goods. The columbian exchange has been one of the most significant events in the history of world ecology, agriculture, and culture. Students are given clues about 10 major events that happened. These worksheets can be used to help students understand the process of the columbian exchange. Teaching us history help teaching teaching ideas 5th grade social studies teaching social studies sorting activities hands on activities new world foods crash course world history. The columbian exchange is the term used to describe the flow of ideas, people, plants animals, technology, and disease that took place because of columbus discovery of the new world. In this lesson, students learn that the columbian exchange resulted in an enormous exchange of goods, resources, and institutions between the old world and the new world and that the results of the exchange were both positive and negative. A fun read, manns 1491 challenges timeworn assumptions about the indigenous people of the americas and the environments they inhabited. The student will categorize foods as originating in the old world or the new world. Encounter and columbian exchange writing exercises. A map of the lands actually discovered by european explorers.

Causeandeffect activity 1 columbian exchange chart 1 causes native american civilizations disrupted goods of the chart 2 goods of the columbian exchange brought to the americas by europeans brought to europe from the americas rice, wheat, oats, barley, soybeans, watermelon, potatoes, corn, squash, chocolate, wild rice. In the span of just three decades, europeans mastered the worlds ocean currents and wind patterns. Where in the world food cards, 1 set of laminated cards per group of 34 students the world fabric map and where in the world food cards are available for purchase from agclassroomstore. Stetz bequest, in loving memory of david stewart hull, 2012, 2012. You will receive your score and answers at the end. One of the big topics we cover in 5th grade is the columbian exchange. The columbian exchange free printable homeschool giveaways.

Students will use maps, venn diagrams, and complete a document based question dbq to. This free colombian exchange printable will help your child to discern which. Listed below are some of the goods that were shared in this columbian exchange between the continents. Delve into the age of exploration with this activity packed resource.

The columbian exchange completely changed the way the world traded goods with one another. Food and the columbian exchange by zara anishanslin polly platt, map sampler 1809, made in dutchess county, pleasant valley, new york, united states, purchase, frank p. Then use the information on the map to fill in your chart. What products were traded from the west indies to the thirteen colonies. Turn to your next blank page and glue in the columbian exchange worksheet i gave you. The columbian exchange of old and new world foods grades. Columbian exchange dbq paulding county school district. Let your students get creative with these free age of exploration columbian exchange worksheets. If youre studying columbus and his expeditions, you wont want to miss. The columbian exchange lesson plan america in class. Columbian exchange would dramatically and permanently affect human societies and the natural environment on both sides of the ocean. The amerindian has been isolated for so long they were not immune to most. Columbian exchange lesson and writing activity 26 pages this includes a teacher copy, so there are repeat pages. Triangular trade route activity and journal questions.

Students completed and turned in the worksheet activity. The columbian exchange ielts reading practice test. The columbian exchange, also known as the columbian interchange, named after christopher columbus, was the widespread transfer of plants, animals, culture, human populations, technology, diseases, and ideas between the americas, west africa, and the old world in the 15th and 16th centuries. Templates free kids printable comic book templates free create your own.

They go through their favorite recipe to determine whether or not they could have had it in the old world before 1492. In this lesson, students map the key areas of the americas that were. Be fore the europeans arrived, native american farmland stretched all along the eastern seaboard of what is now the united states. The columbian exchange of old and new world foods grades 35. A study of origin and cultural diffusion through food overview. Dec 23, 2015 in this lesson, students learn that the columbian exchange resulted in an enormous exchange of goods, resources, and institutions between the old world and the new world and that the results of the exchange were both positive and negative.

There are three excerpts, each with close reading questions. In total 14 questions, 4 questions are truefalsenot given form, 8 questions are matching information form, 2 questions are sentence completion form. Download the world map from the classroom blog and put it on 3 separate slides. Complete with a pretest, discussion questions and quiz for a 30minute video on the period, map activities, timeline of discoveries, vocabulary, etc. Comparisons historical event most native americans were killed because they had no treatment for the diseases. It also relates to european colonization and trade. Columbian exchange map worksheet by ace up your sleeve tpt. The columbian exchange was the trade of goods crops, food, technology, diseases between the new world americas and the old w orld europe. This has 4 handouts on the columbian exchange including. The columbian exchange of old and new world foods grades 912. The columbian exchange became even more unbalanced with europes successful appropriation of new world staple crops originally developed by indians.

Free columbian exchange activity and lesson plan for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The book told the story of how 1492 sparked the movement of organisms, both large and small, in both directions across the atlantic. The amazing story of the worlds favorite candy book. The map shows trade between nations in the 1600s and 1700s. Make a 4th slide for the answers to the questions listed at. Use this worksheet to help your students understand the columbian exchange. In three excerpts students will examine elements of the exchange an overview, a specific biological example of unintended consequences, and finally.

This lesson is designed as an introductory lesson that explores cultural origin and diffusion through the lens of food, and applies those ideas to the columbian exchange. Two versions of a make your own map book are included. It had both positive and negative consequences for the global world. Columbian exchange food activity free worksheets history. Columbian exchange activity home polk school district. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Two worlds that had grown apart with very different organisms started to become homogeneous crosby, 1972. Identify the two hemispheres that were involved in the columbian exchange. Explain the columbian exchange the exchange of diseases, plants, animals, and people between the old world and the new world in the 15th and 16th centuries. I need primary sources for the 15th century, specifically about the time of the columbian exchange. Ebola outbreak compared to the columbian exchange by. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for columbian exchange. Documentbased questions on the columbian exchange for world history scroll down to print.

Columbian exchange educator resources for columbian exchange the old world and the new world swap people, spices, gold, and diseases in the columbian exchange. Grab a book and come enjoy this collection of videos, recipes, and downloads to go along with. Mann as part of the introduction to his book, 1493. The lesson begins with an activity in which students are divided into two groups. As i know you will be rejoiced at the glorious success that our lord has given me in my voyage, i write this to tell you how in thirtythree days i sailed to. Find columbian exchange lesson plans and teaching resources. This lapbook is a fun hands on activity for students to use in. Letter of christopher columbus dbq worksheet student. Causes and effects of european exploration diy chart. Before moving to the next screen, choose two words from the vocabulary list and write a new sentence for each word. By spending time analyzing the columbian exchange map and answering. The columbian exchange reading practice test has 14 questions belongs to the recent actual tests subject. Map of the atlantic region showing potatoes, peanuts, cocoa, and tomatoes going from the americas to europe, africa, and asia, and showing coffee, bananas, wheat, people, sheep, chickens, horses, cattle, sugar, and human diseases going from europe.

For more of our free educational materials on the columbian exchange, click here. Soon after 1492, sailors inadvertently introduced these diseases including smallpox, measles, mumps, whooping cough, influenza, chicken pox, and typhus to. Per usual, our textbooks provide us with literally one sentence on this massive event. The columbian exchange few events transformed the world like the columbian exchange. You could adopt a handson activity that goes cohesively with the worksheets. In this lesson students will explore a description of the columbian exchange written by charles c.

This columbian exchange, between the old world and the new, changed the history of our planet drastically and forever. I need primary sources for the 15th century, specifically. On, edit images, videos and 360 photos in one place. In this interactive lesson supporting literacy skills, students watch video dramatizations that tell the story of the spanish explorers who arrived in the americas. Columbian exchange worksheet columbian exchange, world. Columbian exchange activity do the maps first then answer the questions sswh10. Time required 2 class periods, plus additional time for research objectives as a result of this lesson, students will. A second activity summarizes some of the positive and negative impacts of the columbian exchange, some of which students experience in the fi rst activity. Nowadays historians and biologists are still investigating the lasting effects of some of the plants and. The columbian exchange refers to the transfer of animals, plants, ideas, diseases, and more that occurred during the two centuries following columbuss arrival in the americas. Students will explore new world and old world food origins to understand how the columbian exchange altered peoples lives worldwide. The columbian exchange of old and new world foods grades 35 grade levels 3 5 estimated time. Exposed americans are held in quarantine, while nothing was done during the colombian exchange.

The columbian exchange was the global diffusion of plants, food crops, animals, human populations, and disease pathogens that took place after the voyages of christopher columbus 1492 and other european mariners. As a member, youll also get unlimited access to over 79,000 lessons in math, english, science, history, and. The columbian exchange a close reading guide from america in class 2 this lesson draws from the introduction in manns book. The european discovery of the new world was part of a much larger pattern global exploration and trade, involving sugar, spices, and slaves. The unintentional exchange of plants, animals, diseases, technologies between the new and old worlds. Global trade and cultural exchanges significantly altered the lives of people around the world, starting with one of their most basic needsfood. The columbian exchange the interchange of plants, animals, disease, and technology sparked by columbuss voyages to the new world marked a critical point in history. This simple worksheet reinforces a lesson on the columbian exchange. The columbian exchange was the exchange of many kinds of plants, animals, foods, and microbes that happened when the europeans reached the new world. Some of the worksheets for this concept are the columbian exchange, columbian exchange work, european expansion and colonization, advanced critical reading, activity trading in the old worldnew world market, common core lesson plan. One of the diseases transferred to the new world that killed off much of their population and made it easier for the europeans to conquer. For example, europeans produced furniture and tools, while colonists in north america had fish and lumber.

Columbian exchange worksheet by leah cleary teachers pay. Trade brings diseaseone result of the columbian exchange was the transfer of germs from europe to the americas. Apr 02, 2019 the following activity is a fun way to help your students better understand the columbian exchange. Plus an added colonies timeline project and informational text booklets a student version was added. This global transfer of plants, animals, disease, and especially food brought together the eastern and western hemispheres and touched, in some way, nearly all the peoples of the world. T he columbian exchange was a very important part of the global age. Create a map using a blank piece of paper provided you will be creating a map of the colombian exchange. Learn more about it during the 1600s and 1700s, people who lived on the continents of europe, africa, and north america all had products that the others needed. The term is used to describe the enormous widespread exchange of agricultural goods and communicable diseases between the eastern and western hemispheres that occurred after 1492. Jan 30, 20 i dont know about you, but my favorite subject to teach is social studies.

The columbian exchange started to connect the new and old worlds with the transmission of ideas, plants, animals, and diseases. By spending time analyzing the columbian exchange map and answering questions they have a better opportunity to master the content. A final activity describes tenochtitlan, the capital city of the aztec civilization that had a relatively welldeveloped economy in the 15th century despite the lack of capital resources. Columbian exchange typhus by peter catterall on prezi. Give one world fabric map or world map template and one set of where in the world food cards to each group. Scholars watch a video to get a close look at the positives and negatives of the columbian exchangeand how the world would never be the same.

In this worksheet, a blank map of the old world and new world is provided 1492mid 1600s. You will now check your understanding of the vocabulary words for this lesson by placing them in sentences. Something about the revolutionary war and colonization makes this girl sing. It allowed ecologies and cultures that had previously been separated by oceans to mix in new and unpredictable ways. Both include a space for students to draw their own picture or you can use the printable sized pictures. The student will analyze the impact of the age of discovery and expansion into the americas, africa, and asia. Students described the changes in the world as a result of the columbian exchange, and explained the consequences of the triangular trade. Social studies freebies and ideas the columbian exchange. Instruct students to place each food card on the map in the country or region where they think the food originated old world or new world. List three goods that were traded from each hemisphere a total of six goods should be listed. The columbian exchange is a term used to describe the massive exchange of agricultural goods, ideas, slave labor, and diseases between the eastern and western hemispheres which occurred after the year 1492. Eurasia to americas americas to eurasiadiseasescropsanimalspeopleother.

The adoption of efficient, carbohydraterich american crops such as corn, potatoes, and cassava allowed europeans and africans to overcome chronic food shortages. The book the columbian exchange changed the field of history drastically and forever as well. Columbian exchange printable worksheets student handouts. Columbian exchange maps and pictures student handouts. There are some treatments and ways to prevent ebola. Columbian exchange worksheets teachers pay teachers. It was an interconnected web of events with immediate. What would be the impact on todays society if the columbian exchange had not taken place and christopher columbus had not traveled between. This free colombian exchange printable will help your child to discern which trade itemsread more. Remote work advice from the largest allremote company. Favorite food columbian exchange activity free worksheets.

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