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Spectralis oct the modular imaging platform heidelberg. Impact of bscan averaging on spectralis optical coherence. The spectralis is an ophthalmic imaging platform with an upgradable, modular design. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the u. Adams helps educate spectralis users in the interpretation of spectralis oct. Large, detailed fundus images captured simultaneously with ultra high resolution oct scans. Spectralis with instrumentation base joystick version 3. With handbook of retinal oct, you can master the latest imaging methods used to evaluate retinal disease, uveitis, and optic nerve disorders. The annual meeting will showcase the latest in clinical techniques and reveal the newest industry trends and innovations. Nov 26, 2011 optical coherence tomography this is what we wanted 4. Technolog today o ptical coherence tomography oct has become an important tool for the clinical evaluation of the optic nerve and retina. The spectralis system is an expandable diagnostic imaging platform which combines scanning laser fundus imaging with highresolution oct. Sep 25, 2014 the purpose of this study is to assess and compare the repeatability of sdoct spectralis oct, version 6.

Oct, multiple scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, widefield and ultrawidefield, scanning laser angiography and oct angiography. Guide to interpreting spectral domain oct by patty seiden. Diagnostic imaging devices i oct heidelberg engineering. Do different spectral domain oct hardwares measure the same. This is a pdf file of an unedited manuscript that has. Bianchi provides a comprehensive and practically oriented introduction into the field of oct in retinal diseases. Comparison of spectral and timedomain optical coherence tomography for retinal. The current iteration of heidelbergs original hra angiography platform with the addition of sdoct. Zeiss offers clinicians a fullspectrum of oct models cirrus 6000, cirrus 5000, and cirrus 500 that deliver essential to the most advanced imaging solutions and are catered to meet individual needs and challenges. Spectralis oct angiography module heidelberg engineering gmbh. Comparison of retinal thickness in normal eyes using stratus and spectralis optical coherence tomography. This amazing offer is available now until close of optrafair on monday 11th april.

Multimodality imaging with spectralis is helping drive the development of novel therapeutics and changing the course of patient management in eye care. The oct2 module brings the next generation of oct technology to the spectralis diagnostic imaging platform. Oct interpretation in retinal disease executive clinical director retina and macula specialists jay m. Adams, md, and produced by heidelberg engineering, inc. Request pdf interpretation of imaging data from spectralis oct. Viewers are given an overview of scanning protocols on various sd oct systems as lecturers present an organized method for analysis of images and identification of pathology. We have combined the best of confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy with the fastest spectraldomain oct to bring you the highest performing and most flexible imaging platform available. Jun 10, 2010 guide to interpreting spectral domain oct a stepbystep guide for interpreting images and data using cirrus hd oct. Heidelberg spectralis 4d oct eye scan detecting eye disease up to 8 years sooner than a standard eye test. Ideal at any stage of your career, this easytouse, clinically oriented handbook provides a quick, templated, and portable guide for the interpretation of optical coherence tomography scans. Zeiss have agreed to write, publish and distribute this book free of charge. An oct optical coherence tomography retina scan is entirely different from the routine eye photos taken by a lot of opticians or your diabetic clinics. The analysis of the rnfl thickness is based on a quantification of number of pixels of.

This is part of the spectral domain oct interpretation for the general ophthalmologist series, which focuses on use of sd oct in patients with glaucoma and retinal disease. Comparison of the diagnostic accuracies of spectralis, cirrus. Haynie, od, faao financial disclosure i have received honoraria or am on the advisory board for the following companies. Presentations and workshops are part of the program which features new aspects concerning clinical practice for new and experienced users. To determine optimal image averaging settings for spectralis optical coherence tomography oct in patients with and without cataract. Manual adjustment of sdoct segmentation lines reliably achieves retinal. Although oct dates to the early 1990s, the introduction of the stratus oct carl zeiss meditec in 2001the original timedomain technologymarks when oct became widely accessible. It combines a high scan rate of 85,000 hz with heidelberg engineerings proprietary trutrack active eye tracking to provide excellent image quality and significantly improved acquisition speed.

In 2006 heidelberg engineering introduced spectralisthe first imaging platform that. The workhorse model in the family is the spectralis oct, an economical, easytouse version with onetouch preset scan. Spectralis optical coherence tomography angiography octa. Optical coherence tomography oct data acquisition manual. The spectralis platform includes multiple models at various price points. I fully recommend the booklet to anybody in residency and. Interpretation of imaging data from spectralis oct.

Oct carl zeiss, the 100rtvue optovue, and the spectralis heidelberg. Interpretation and terminology of oct for retina christopher mody clinical programme manager heidelberg engineering ltd. A detailed look at the principles behind this pervasive technology and the variety of options available. A segmentation of a spectralis oct scan, showing boundary layers drawn by the.

Reproducibility and agreement in evaluating retinal nerve. Heidelberg spectralis 4d oct detecting eye disease early. The interpretation and diagnosis of oct images are explained using actual clinical cases. Interpretation and terminology of oct for retina christopher mody. This platform allows clinicians to configure each spectralis to the specific diagnostic workflow in the practice or clinic. Discover a wide range of interesting dates and events. An interactive quiz allows you to test your knowledge after reading. Further analysis of the oct signal allows for functional extensions of. Heidelberg engineering es una compania privada con sede en heidelberg, alemania. Technolog today evaluating the optic nerve for glaucomatous. Spectralis installation guide franks hospital workshop. Reproducibility of rnfl and onh measurements in oag with. The spectralis operation and interpretation course will be held in hemel hempstead, hertfordshire, uk. In a prospective study, the eyes were imaged before and after cataract surgery using seven different image averaging settings.

Dec 18, 20 optical coherence tomography oct normative data collection study s203 the safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Once the patient is aligned with the camera, begin by pushing the base of the camera forward towards the patients pupil. Oct angiography module user manual, software version 6. A novel technique of adjusting segmentation boundary layers to. Heidelberg engineering spectralis oct model information. The spectralis oct imaging platform combines scanning laser fundus imaging with simultaneously acquired oct as an expandable platform, it can be upgraded with additional scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, such as bluepeak autofluorescence and multicolor, as well as advanced modules such as oct2 and the glaucoma module premium edition. We hope you will find this manuscript helpful and wish you every success in working with this exciting technology. Designed for angiographies, the spectralis hraoct is built on a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy cslo platform that is exceptionally sensitive to the fluorescence of fluoresceine or icg dyes. Seventeen primary open angle glaucoma patients and 16 controls one eye per subject were. A status report a comprehensive look at the evolution of oct software design and database development. Interpretation of optic coherence tomography images. To compare two different spectraldomain optical coherence tomography oct systems in regard to full macular thickness mt and ganglion cell layerinner plexiform layer gcipl measures and in regard to structurefunction correlation when compared to standard automated perimetry sap. The futureproof expandable spectralis oct platform is now available for as little as.

Agreement between retinal nerve fiber layer measures from. The spectralis proprietary system utilizes optical coherence tomography oct and other diagnostic technology. Apr 18, 2017 compare the next generation oct2 module with the oct as you know it and discover its enhanced image quality at a noticeably faster scan speed. Spectralis oct angiography module to be presented at aao october, 2016 heidelberg engineering is showcasing the oct angiography octa module for its spectralis diagnostic imaging platform at the american academy of ophthalmology annual meeting in chicago. Optical coherence tomography oct normative data collection. The raw data exports from the cirrus and spectralis sdoct rnfl scans. Jeroen klevering university medical centre nijmegenthe netherlands interpretation of the oct image and some new developments. The atlas is not intended as a diagnostic guide and is not a substitute for clinical experience and judgment. The purpose of this study was to evaluate if differences in thickness when using a spectral domain cirrus oct or a heidelberg spectralis are due to hardware differences, or if they are caused by the segmentation algorithms.

Spectraldomain optical coherence tomographies octs from different companies do not give identical retinal thicknesses. It is the only imaging system with the patented trutrack active eye tracking technology. Using spectralis technology, eye care professionals can measure key ocular characteristics such as retinal thickness and create highlydetailed images of the patients retina and optic nerve. Carl zeiss meditec advanced ocular care arctic dx macula risk genentech lampa advisory oct cross section of retinal. Spectraldomain oct is the standardofcare in routine every day clinical practice. Compare the next generation oct2 module with the oct as you know it and discover its enhanced image quality at a noticeably faster scan speed.

Guide to interpreting spectral domain oct a stepbystep guide for interpreting images and data using cirrus hdoct. Guide to interpreting spectral domain oct by patty seiden issuu. In timedomain oct imaging, tissuereflectance information in depth an ascan is gradually built up over time by moving a mirror in the reference arm of the interferometer. This chapter of the book will concentrate on the technical. Once the oct goes live, select a preset scan pattern fast, rnfl, etc. Interpretation of oct american academy of ophthalmology. Heidelberg spectralis oct procedures june 2009 5 figure 3. Optical coherence tomography this is what we got 5.

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